Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't forget your man's Birthday

Men are complicated. They walk over dirty clothes, but notice buxom women. They forget your anniversary, but know the stats of ever player in the NFL. They say they don't care about they're birthday, but get that funky puppy dog look on their face when there's no cake. Get my drift?

Sending a bouquet of meat to the job site or office is a great way to make a fuss, without even being there. UPS delivers it, everyone gathers to see what he got, and bam; it's a pound of Jerky in a beer mug.

They are taken by its awe and beauty; so much so that they secretly weep. They think, wow, my wife has never done this for me. She knows I like jerky. What the hell?

He puffs up knowing that everyone wishes their wife was as cool a his. ~The End~

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