Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Celebrities in the Hospital 2008

Has anyone noticed there are a slue of celebrities in the hospital? Well maybe not a slue, but Bernie Mac, Kelsey Grammar, Morgan Freeman, Shia Labeouf. That's at least a mini slew, right? Two sicks and two car wrecks. Two African American men, two caucasian men. Well Shia is a boy man, but still. This is where I begin treading into a conspiracy theory. Probably not a good idea, but you gotta think hmmm? Is this going anywhere? No, not really. I just don't want to get marked as spam, so this was my poor attempt at true blogging. Truth is, I am not a very interesting person. Truth is, my life revolves around salty meat snacks and the internet. Sad, huh?

Still, I am going to send a bouquet to Morgan. I can hear him now. "Andy, the Warden ... ? "Nope, just Cindi, Morgan." "Jerky is full of protein. Well, if it hasn't been cooked, smoked and salted out; you need your strength." He'll thank me and then we'll laugh and play a few hand off gin or old maid until the nurse tells me that visiting hours are over. I'll tuck him in with one last slab of honey smoked (he may get hungary in the night), click off the light and drive 2000 miles home. Ahhh.

I hope Morgan Freeman likes his BeefJerkybouquet.



I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about Bernie Mac. I was a big fan of his style of comedy. He will be sadly missed. I wish his family well.

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