Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Men and Valentines Day Gifts

Traditionally it is women who worship Valentines Day. Am I right, or am I right? It's likely because of gift selection. Women can usually count on jewelry, candy and flowers. Where men might hope for some cologne and a bag of boxer/briefs (hybrid underwear created for the indecisive male) adorned with tiny cupids and puckered lips.

It's time to get men excited about V-Day again! Ladies, send that saucy stud of yours a Valentines Day Mens Gift that says, love, like, sort of like and I just want to get busy with you all in a pound of meat stuffed into a huge 25 Oz beer mug. Plus, we deliver, so even if he is far away, he'll know you thought about him enough not to send flowers. Very unmanly. Don't tell the FTD guy we said that, he might beat us up ( Yah right—pansy).

So, if you are out searching for that perfect Valentines Day gift he will love you even more for, you know what to do. Trust us, this is a very popular gift. In fact you should read one of our latest testimonials. Well what do you know. Here it is:

Hi Lou,

My boyfriend Tim LOVED it! It was the perfect birthday gift. When the receptionist called him down from his office, he took a female co-worker with him since he was afraid it was flowers and he didn't want to be caught dead carrying them around his building so he was going to make her carry them. Imagine his surprise (and relief) when it was a beef jerky bouquet instead!
Here's a picture attached of him with his Beef Jerky bouquet.

Also, he wanted to know where he could get some more of that brand of jerky? He says it's THE BEST!!

Thanks again,


See Tim at the top of the page in the pic. That man looks happy:) I think he works in a castle. Way cool. Anyhoo, tell everyone you know about this wonderful Gift of Meat for Valentines Day. They will thank you later.

Cindi Lou
Head Meatress
Say it with Meat! tm

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Anonymous said...

Yes, he seems like he works in a castle. I thought you said you were getting kids bouquets. Where are they? Are they coming soon. My nephew's birthday is coming up. Come on already.