Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kids Valentines Gift Bouquets —Very Fun!

Yes Katlin, there is a Kids Beef Jerky bouquet.

I just don't have the pics on the site yet. We just started making them a month ago. My photographer has been a bit busy. He is a professional that works for Jerky. I wait for him.

It is the big mug with rootbeer, instead of beer. (Brown Cello) We add a straw and cherry on top! Way Cute. You can order it now. I will have the pic up by January. OK?

Thanks for Blogging with Jerky

Cindi Lou

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Anonymous said...

My son loves Jerky. I sent him a cookie bouquet last year. He said it was OK, but this is something I think he will really like.You guys should advertise more. I have never heard of you. I have heard of cookie bouquets and fruit bouquets, but jerky bouquets are way better for men. Thanks. I am going to your site right now.