Friday, March 25, 2011

Gifts for men everywhere!

Who is the Beef Jerky bouquet. We are an online gift company specializing in bouquets for men. As of now, we have five meat bouquets to chose from.

We have a the Chug-it™ meat bouquet which is nearly a pound of jerky and meat sticks stuffed into a giant 25 ounce beer mug.

The Sip-it™ guy bouquet which is nearly a 1/2 pound of meat sticks and jerky stuffed into a 23 ounce Pilsner glass. The perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband.

The Meat-Float­™ Childrens’ bouquet. Nearly a pound of meat sticks and jerky stuffed into a Root Beer mug.

The Get Swell™ Men’s Get Well bouquet. Nearly a 1/4 pound of meat stix and jerky in a soup cup.

The Soda-Pop™ Manly Bouquet. Nearly a 1/4 pound of meat stix and jerky in a genuine Coca-Cola ® glass.

Our new site is currently being built and should be ready in time for Fathers Day Gift giving!

As soon as we figure out how to get our Facebook and Twitter buttons on this page, we’d love for you to join us there for your chance to win free stuff. In the mean time, click the links above.

Also, if you like to Join our newsletter, we have monthly specials on all of our jerky bouquets.

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Cindi Lou

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