Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Beef Jerky Bouquet Giveaway! -Theft of a bouquet:(

Hello Fans of meaty goodness!

Wow, we just found out that G West meats is using our name and giving away Beef Jerky bouquets. Not cool man. Would they like it if I started calling myself Gary and selling my brand of jerky? No. I mean why pick on me, I'm just a bouquet trying to make men happy with cool man gifts they can be proud of getting. I don't make jerky or have a cool family owned jerky business that's been around since the dawn of time. What I am trying to say is, Gary, you have your own thing going. Why try to gank mine?

Anyway, enough mud slinging. Beef Jerky will be giving away a free bouquet weekly for the next ... ever:) Just friend us at our Facebook page: for your chance to win.

And remember kids, stealing is naughty and Karma i a big ugly boomerang that hurts really bad when it thunks you in the melon at say, 100 mph. tee hee

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