Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gifts for Men

Men like birthdays that include meat. Men like meat that is smoked. Men like jerky.
Men sometimes forget to properly put the bread tie twister on the bread. When they do, reward them with a bouquet of fresh jerky. Mugs of beer are good. 25 ounce mugs of beer are better. The beef jerky bouquet comes in a 25 ounce beer mug fit for a party or the guy who is way too lazy to get out of his Lazy Boy. Birthdays are a good time to give jerky. Congratulations are a great time to give jerky. I like to give jerky to men because it makes them smile. It also makes other men jealous. They secretly obsess with the other mans gift and then guilt their wives until they get one. Am I babbling here? It's early. Anyhoo, give jerky in a mug for a gift. Men really dig it and you'll be known as the coolest person on the planet, really you will.



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