Sunday, December 21, 2008

Valentines Day Gift for Yer Man, man.

The snow is flying the birds are south for the winter and the jerky bouquet is gearing up for the big rush.

You have to ask yourself one thing on Valentines Day. Does my man really need another tie? Does he really want boxers with shiny red hearts. Does a card that sings "hunka hunka burning love" really do it for him? (Ok, it's pretty funny, but)

You can count on men wanting 3 things on Valentines Day. One, of course, we cannot provide. The others include Beer and Jerky. So, this is where the Valentines Mens "Meatheart" bouquet answers all your shopping need, and at a very nice price I might add.

For just 54.95 you get:

A 25 ounce beer mug that could be used as an anchor on a Princess Cruise Liner.
A pound of Venison and Beef Jerky in various flavors. (good jerky, not gas station)
And a lovely card that you can write anything you like on. Trust us, we've seen some doozies.

And the price includes shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. (woot!)

We even have kids bouquets. They come in a 25 ounce Root Beer Mug. Boys need Valentines Day gifts too!

So forget shopping at the mall or running out at the last minute. Sit down to to comfort of your PC or Mac and do what thousands of women do every week.

Order a Beef Jerky bouquet from

Trust us, he will be glad you did.


Cindi Lou

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