Monday, April 16, 2007

Maiden Voyage and human road blocks for my new man gift

Getting thing off the ground hasn't been easy. But then again, what is? I will have everyone know that I have busted my hump to bring the men of the world dignity. Government offices are not nice to small business owners, no matter what they sell. One woman went so far as to say, in a very breathy voice, "Good luck sweety, i've seen a lot of soldiers fall with weirder ideas than yours, much weirder." And then there was the girl who said I totally copied her aunts, sisters, wedding planners daughters, best friends idea. (OMG-da) I freaked and went to the site. There they were, gift baskets with little bows and crumpets or some fruity stuff like that. Sweetie, I didn't invent the corporate gift. And anyway this comes in 25 ounce gigantic beer mug, not a moss filled basket. It's a fun gift for men (bouquet) you can send to a job site or a motocross or metal shop and not get your boyfriends man card revolved. A bouquet of meat! So to everyone who has helped. Jeff, Dan, Joel, Jon, Agnes, Joel, Johnny and the lovely folks at the county courts office, thank you! The Man Gift is in the mail.

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